We’ve spent years developing social media expertise,
and now we’re ready to get your business off the runway and into the air.

So, who’s flying this plane?


Your Take Flight Media Team:

Not only do Tonya and Nichole both love social media, they have been friends for almost a decade. They first “met” each other over the Internet, while reading each other’s blogs and found they had more in common than most. They finally met in person in 2011 and have been collaborating in one way or another ever since.

Take Flight was born out of their aspiration to build something together and help start-ups and small businesses thrive in social media. Their strong work ethic, integrity and incredible desire to problem solve make this business soar! 

Photo by: Tereza Harper Photography

Photo by: Tereza Harper Photography

Tonya D. Wertman

branding expert | marketing professional | social media manager | writer

With over seven years of experience in online content creation and social media management, Tonya has capitalized on her marketing, publishing, and business background to develop a savvy social presence and understanding of brand building. She has a knack for analyzing her own extensive social media reach and understanding of social media platforms to translate her online knowledge into building strategies that help her clients soar toward their own social media goals. Most recently she exponentially increased the online presence for Avery & Austin, LLC, a monthly subscription-based children’s craft box company. In addition to her personal blog, Tonya has provided freelance writing for a variety of online sites and can tailor her writing voice to meet the needs of any client.

Specialties: Blogging, Branding, Content Curation, Event Planning, Marketing, Social Media, Writing, and Editing.

Favorite social media platform: Facebook. Because it is a great (and easy) way to stay in touch with family and friends near and far, has become a source of fun entertainment in the form of BuzzFeed lists and Tasty videos, and I love how it makes everyone feel like a celebrity on their birthday!

Photo by: Tereza Harper Photography

Photo by: Tereza Harper Photography

Nichole J. Beaudry

editor | entrepreneur | photographer | SEO expert | Strategist

With a Masters degree in English and a strong business background, Nichole brings a unique perspective to social media and brand building. A true entrepreneur with a knack for seeing what’s ready to take off, she co-founded a thriving blogging group, Sacramento Bloggers; co-produced and co-directed Listen to Your Mother: Sacramento; and most recently co-founded Avery & Austin, LLC, monthly subscription-based children’s craft company. As the owner of a photography business, eye for visual aesthetics is key to creating a cohesive and memorable brand image. Nichole understands the often-short runway new businesses face, and she’s ready to help get their wheels off the ground and their dreams into the air.

Specialties: Social Media, SEO, Marketing Research, Marketing, Business, Branding, Blogging, Writing, and Editing.

Favorite social media platform: Instagram. Glorious photographers who subtly offer the opportunity for brands to make real connections with their followers.  




Angela Amman is an editor and short story and essay writer who collects her family’s stories at Playing with Words and whose personal essays and short stories have appeared in her collection, Nothing Goes Away, and various anthologies. A former English teacher, Angela thrives when she's curating content and finding the perfect angle for a brand to find its niche and tell its unique story. As a part of Listen To Your Mother Metro Detroit, Angela is thrilled to bring others' stories to the stage and to celebrate the magic of words, storytelling and the courage to share that magic with an audience.

Specialties: Blogging, Content Curation, Editing, SEO, Social Media Management, and Writing.

Favorite social media platform: It depends on my mood! Instagram inspires me, and I appreciate the elements involved in creating authentic connections through visual storytelling. Facebook doesn't have the some sense of immediate connection but offers the opportunity for thought-provoking conversation.




Elaine has always loved to write and create. For the last ten years she has shared her life through storytelling, on her personal blog, The Miss Elaine-ous Life. She has also worked with many different brands on sponsored campaigns and built a robust social media following. As co-producer of the Listen To Your Mother show in Beaumont, TX for two seasons, she enjoyed watching stories come to life though spoken word. She believes words + pictures = life and that images are the essence of every story told. She also dabbles in photography, and enjoys taking photos for family and friends. Elaine continues to write for other publications online and has been published in three anthologies. In her spare time she likes to correct her kids’ grammar and shop at Home Goods.

Specialties: Blogging, Social Media Management, Networking, and Photography.

Favorite social media platform: Instagram, by far. I adore how Instagram creates a quick pictorial story. Anyone can write as much or as little as they want, or simply choose to tell the story with an image alone. Plus, I am a fan of instant gratification. 




Monica Beyer is the author of two books on baby sign language and has been writing professionally for the better part of a decade. Her journalistic work has appeared a wide variety of websites, and she's been providing online content for several different brands for a few years. She has experience with social media and editing, and she's a versatile writer who can easily adapt to different voices and styles, and she looks forward to new ways she can help a brand reach new audiences. She lives in Missouri with her husband, kids and a couple canine pals.

Specialties: Blogging, Content Curation, Reporting, Social Media

Favorite Social Media Platform: Facebook. It's my go-to place to get my daily news (yes, really!) thanks to the wide variety of news agencies and public figures I follow, as well as a super easy way to keep in touch with all of my family, friends and professional connections.