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Natural soap for men. - Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Nichole and Tonya from TFS have exceeded our expectations in every way. First of all, it’s a rare and refreshing experience to work with a service provider as professional, organized, and dedicated as they are. They have completely taken over our social media from developing a strategy and brand voice, sourcing photos, engaging with our community, building a brand ambassador program, and engaging with influencers. On top of that, they have an excellent understanding of each platform and how they need to be treated differently. There is no duplication of content across different networks, but a tailored approach to each one. The end results are that we have better user generated content and photos, a more engaged community, a bigger following, and we understand our customers even better.

- Jack Haldrup, Founder & CEO, Dr. Squatch Soap Co. 


Hernandez Counseling, LLC

Licensed professional counseling services for individuals, couples and families. - Facebook



An eco-friendly laundry detergent company that has provided all the best fine garment care since 1975.



Art succession planner.  - Facebook


Perfect Fit MEALS

Ready-to-eat, hand crafted, portion-controlled, and dietitian designed meals. - Instagram | Pinterest



All natural, whole food nutrition bars. - Facebook | Instagram



An online magazine for moms who are looking to simplify their lives and connect with other parents. - Twitter



Life coach and motivational speaker. - Instagram

It was so great working with Take Flight Social Media Consulting! They really took the time to ascertain my needs and provided me with a simple, yet effective plan to increase my social media presence and engagement. They are extremely professional, yet so much fun to work with- all our conversations were so positive and inspiring! More than that, it gave me the opportunity to work with a team that helped me clear and prioritize my social media path, so we could collaborate on both an immediate plan and think about future opportunities that align with my brand’s expansion. I highly recommend collaborating with Tonya and Nichole for all of your social media needs!

- Nina Antinora, Certified Personal & Professional Coach, Change It Up with Nina Antinora, LLC


DMB 69/66

A documentary featuring three Gen-Xers who road trip from California to Washington to camp out at The Gorge during the Dave Matthews Band Labor Day extravaganza. - Facebook | Instagram


THE File Depot/Beach Cities

A file organization, storage, digitization and shredding company. - Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Loose Leaf Club

Subscription tea-of-the-month club. - Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

I have had the extreme good fortune to work with Nichole Beaudry at Take Flight Social with the launch of my new subscription box, Loose Leaf Club.

When launching a new business, the day-to-day requirements are overwhelming. The social media aspects are time consuming, even for an experienced business owner. If you choose to outsource those responsibilities, you should look no farther than Nichole [and Tonya]. She has the track record of launching her own successful business, plus the broad background knowledge of how to promote with social media.

Her insight is amazing and her talent ensures her company is able to determine what platform is right for your business and build you a loyal following. In addition, she is able to provide the micro-content that tells the story of your brand. These qualities combined should make Take Flight Social the first call for your social media needs!

- Debbie Warren, Owner and founder, Loose Leaf Club


Monday Sparkles

Subscription box company designed for girls 8-12 - Instagram



Women's activewear, pajamas, work clothes, jewelry and more. - Instagram



Focused on reconstructive and cosmetic aspects of the female body. - Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest