Maybe a fellow business owner recommended their social media consultant when you mentioned struggling to keep up with your online platforms. Perhaps you find yourself spending too much time thinking about Facebook ads when you should be answering customer emails or putting together proposals. At some point, many entrepreneurs will begin to wonder if they should consider a social media consultant for their online presence. We're here to give you a few tips about when you'll know it's time to chat with the Take Flight Team! 


photo credit: Pixabay

photo credit: Pixabay

Social media consulting helps when your status quo changes

Each brand or business comes to a decision about their online platforms from a different direction. However, each decision develops from a place of change or anticipated change. Begin to look for a social media consultant when your brand or business finds itself facing some sort of change. The Take Flight Team helps solid brands grow and small businesses carve out their brand's space online. 

Social media consulting helps stalled social media goals

Organic social media growth works for small businesses, and business owners often like handling their social media on their own. Making connections with customers and fans feels positive, and it can provide insight into business development. At a certain point, though, social media growth can stall when you’re running it on your own.

We help businesses push through a lull. Even if you still want to handle the daily operation of your social media accounts yourself, we can help you pinpoint weaknesses and strengths in your current strategy. A social media team offers rested eyes and fresh ideas, even if everything else in your business remains the same. Some clients worry a social media consultant will clash with a beloved marketing team or partially-implemented marketing plan. Quite the contrary! We work with our clients to seamlessly transition a social media strategy into current strategic plans. 

Even without new product development or changes in your company, a new social media strategy can breathe new life into your platforms. You’ll begin to see numbers climb again, whether your goals include exponential follower growth or increased engagement with your current fans.

Social media consultants steer your progress as you speed ahead

You don’t need to be in a rut to need - or want! - a social media team on your side. Often, quick growth can be a double-edged sword for small businesses or individual entrepreneurs. Success means exceeding goals, but it can also put unwanted stress on you or your team.

Hiring social media consultants means bringing people on board who have the time and energy to devote to your customers. When you’re facing an explosion of growth, especially all at once, social media can fall to the bottom of your priority list. Letting engagement and responses fall through the cracks doesn’t seem like a big problem -- until it is. We're here to make sure your loyal customer base, and your potential customers, feel just as cared for and listened to as they did when your business began. 

Word of mouth helps small businesses grow, but it can also create fissures in your reputation quickly, especially if your followers and customers are used to timely, personal responses. Your social media team concentrates on consistent messaging, timely engagement, and targeted growth, giving your more time to focus on your product and brand growth.

Evaluate your business growth curve and goals

Hiring a social media consultant means various things for people, depending on the type of change a business seeks. Look at your current platforms, the growth curve of your social media presence, and the immediate and long-term goals for the growth of your brand. If you find yourself unsure where to go next, a social media team can help.

Astute business owners know they have incredible strengths — and probably a weakness or two. Our team pulls our experience from different strengths. Let the Take Flight team harness our experience and expertise and make them work for you. We relish the chance to work with clients to build a comprehensive strategy or to work in conjunction with your current marketing team and their plan. 

When you're ready, we're your team! We'd love to chat with you. Consider a Social Media Marketing Analysis or contact us to find the right plan for your needs. We work within all budgets and handle everything from single campaigns and seasonal help to internal projects and long-term, comprehensive commitments.

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