We’ve previously answered questions about why you need Instagram. Now that your brand has a following and curated aesthetic, learn how to leverage your presence for more engagement — and more conversions.



Show another side of your brand to your followers

While Instagram gives you the chance to build a visual representation of your brand, it allows you to show more of your personality to your followers, too. Once you've established the overall aesthetic feel for your feed, you can choose to curate additional content to highlight things that matter to you. Share photos from your favorite vacation spots or what's currently on your reading list. Showing your followers a more personal side of your brand just gives them more reasons to relate to you — and to feel connected to your brand.

Use your Instagram bio links for must-have information

Unlike your brand’s Facebook page, which should always direct to your site’s landing page, changing the link in your Instagram bio — often — can work to your advantage. Speaking of Facebook, we want to reiterate how important it is to create platform-specific content. Facebook users flock to their feed for more copy-driven content, while Instagram focuses on attention-grabbing visuals.

For example, if you’re launching a new product and highlighting it on your photo stream, change your bio to direct your followers directly to the purchase page for that particular item. If you have a launch event coming up, a party-themed flat lay might use a link with event details or an online RSVP. Keeping your bio link aligned with your current photo details make it easy for your followers to quickly find the information they’re seeking.

Create branded hashtags

Branded hashtags make it easy for your followers to view your past content — and to interact with your brand. Instagram, like so many other social media platforms, lets brands and businesses build relationships. Social media engagement works better on a two-way street.

Branded hashtags let you run fun contests with your followers or simply share something you might have in common. One of our favorites is #ShareaCoke from Coca-Cola if you want to take a look at how one company successfully created a branded hashtag campaign.

How to use Instagram stories

Use Instagram stories as a brand to take engagement to a higher level. Video can feel intimidating, but Stories lets you have fun! Unlike your feed, your Stories don't have to follow a cohesive visual plan. It's truly the place on Instagram where businesses can experiment with what connects best with their followers.

Try showing short clips of what happens behind some of the images you post — like climbing on a chair to get the perfect flat lay. Use a poll to see which new look your followers prefer. Interview a customer or do a quick Q and A session about upcoming changes to your brand. Overall, Instagram Stories give brands the freedom to interact with followers — and customers — from miles away, which is something that can't be done with a photograph. 

One last Instagram tip

As tempting as it can be to boost your numbers quickly, Take Flight highly recommends against paid Instagram growth. Buying followers or even engaging in follow-for-follow gives you higher numbers quickly, but it also drops your engagement statistics. Organic growth allows you to accumulate followers who genuinely show interest in your brand, which leads to a more robust social media presence in the long run.

Do you personally watch Instagram Stories or prefer to stay in the photo stream? Maybe you’re still new to the platform so reach out and let the Take Flight team help you get started